Top 5 Bestselling Kegerators for July 2011

This month, I’m seeing a wide variety of kegerators in our best selling list in both features and price. Of course, you know the old saying, “You get what you pay for” is often true, but I’m still finding some great (and bad!) kegerator buys in many price ranges!

Whether you want to go cheap and fix as you go along, or get an outstanding product from the start, the bestselling kegerators have them all – and everything in between.

Here are this month’s best selling kegerators, and what I think of them.


5. Summit SBC490-BIFR Kegerator

Full-sized Built-in Beer Dispenser with Tap Kit and Stainless Steel Frame (Requires Custom Panel)A re-brand of a Sanyo kegerator at a better price makes this fist entry into our bestselling kegerators list a sure thing.

It may come in as the most expensive, but this is a perfect example of a home kegerator done right.

As all kegerators on this list, this kegerator will fit full size (half-barrel) standard keg sizes and requires little for upgrades.

This is also the only unit on the list that happens to be a built-in, under-the-counter kegerator, making it a very elegant addition to your home.


4. Haier HBF05EBSS Kegerator

Haier HBF05EBSS-2 Dual Faucet Kegerator w/ Stainless Steel DoorI don’t think this Haier kegerator gets nearly enough credit.

Haier is quite regularly bashed for being a poor product, but these bashings often come from those who are just getting their feet wet in the world of draft beer at home and don’t seem to know any better.

It’s the perfect example of how little people actually understand what a price tag of less than $1200 means when it comes to kegerators.

Haier provides a great product in my opinion, and people who do their research seem to agree, setting this kegerator firmly as best selling kegerator #4 for this month.


3. Danby DKC645BLS Kegerator

Danby DKC645BLS 5.8-Cu.Ft. Designer Beer Keg Cooler, Black/StainlessThis Danby may be the second on my list to come with a stainless steel door, but it’s the first on the list to have two taps, which is an immediate attraction to home brewers who want to tap two Cornelius kegs with ease.

I haven’t looked into this model in detail yet, but there are several conflicting reviews. It wouldn’t surprise me if many of the poor reviews are from under-educated buyers, but I can’t say for certain until I research it myself.  I think I’ll make the Danby one of my next reviews, as it is planted in the middle of this list.

Rest assured; any issues I’ve heard about this unit can be corrected.


2. Keggermeister KM2800SS Kegerator

Keggermeister KM2800SS KegeratorI’ve extensively reviewed the Keggermeister KM2800SS.

Being an owner of the same kegerator re-branded (Frosty Keg), I’m quite satisfied that for the price of this baby, it will go a long way.

Mine has gone through nearly 3 years of my home brew abuse, and it shows no signs of slowing down! It doesn’t surprise me that this one is still a best seller.

I have heard that some fixing up may be required for some units, but I personally didn’t run into that problem – plus this one’s really a great looking unit with it’s stainless steel doors – mine has a black door.

You can read my full Keggermeister KM2800 Review to get the details and comparisons.


1. Nostalgia KRS-2100 Keg-O-Rator

Nostalgia KRS-2100 Keg-O-RatorThe Nostalgia KRS-2100 Keg-O-Rator is this month’s top selling kegerator, which really comes at a surprise to me!

While I’m not a fan of the quality of this kegerator, and the heavily-mixed customer reviews reflect that, I understand that you can’t beat the price.

Sometimes buying something of lesser quality and fixing it up can still be cheaper than buying a kegerator of higher quality.


You can see the pricing of each kegerator at Amazon by clicking on each image.

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